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Construction workers hammering near Sun Valley, CA

Building and construction: Gratifying and Rewarding

Job Opportunities in Sun Valley How valuable do you consider your present job to be? Can you truthfully state that you make a distinction in people’s lives? Despite economic turndowns and rising inflation, there’s still a big market for new home construction here is Sun Valley and getting into construction may be a great career ….  Read More

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Jose MIer Sun Valley office furniture

Selecting Environmentally Friendly Workplace Furniture

With the hoohah of global warming on everyone’s minds, a growing number of people in Sun Valley are making a change over to environmentally-friendly products and more efficient appliances. Offices are large customers of furniture and in keeping with the green transformation it is very important that workplace furniture must be eco-friendly. The primary concerns ….  Read More

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Chile protest Jose Mier

History From Chile to Sun Valley

Life Under Augusto Pinochet You may not know this but one of our Sun Valley residents, Adolfo Rodriguez (a neighbor of Jose Mier), was originally from Chile and lived through the coup and subsequent ruling years of Augusto Pinochet. For you unfamiliar with those days, Adolfo took some time to submit some information about the ….  Read More

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