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Jose Mier’s 13th Sun Valley Restaurant Support List

Support Our Community It’s been sometime since Jose Mier Sun Valley Net has published a restaurant support list. That doesn’t mean that our local eateries are not still struggling. They are. I’ve been doing my part as far as possible to support our local establishments but the efforts of one person alone are not going ….  Read More

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Soil moisture sensors in Sun Valley, CA

Get Excited About Soil Moisture Sensors!

Jose Mier Receives LADWP Rebate for Conservation Like most business people in Sun Valley I always have to balance the cost of doing business with revenue. My own business has been faced with a loss of revenue due directly to the coronavirus. It’s more important now than ever for me as a business person to ….  Read More

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LA County Public Works Website Screen Shot

Sun Valley Park Drain and Infiltration System

Jose Mier Takes a Look at Another Source of Sun Valley Pride I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently about water conservation efforts in Sun Valley and about those scheduled for construction as well as those that have been completed. One of those complete projects would you may not even realize which is part ….  Read More

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Vallarta supermarket location Sun Valley CA jose mier

The Changing Face Of Sun Valley, CA

Hispanic Population Includes Jose Mier With a name like Jose Mier it’s not surprising you’ll find me in Sun Valley, California. Latinos make up the majority of the population here and it’s reflected not only on our faces and speech but in the whole environment of our community. That includes the type of stores you’ll ….  Read More

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