What a Difference a Week Makes

Gas Prices Even Higher

What’s contributing to rising gas prices? In the last week alone I’ve seen prices jump 20 or 30 cents per gallon. It was just one week ago I posted about rising gas price and my bellweather (Shell station on Hollywood Way) shows even higher prices. Now their regular gas is $3.75 per gallon. A trip to Costco to fill up was about 40 cents less than that, but still up 30 cents since the last time I filled my tank.

The weather has been temperate but still on the cool side so I don’t believe there is higher demand compared to, say, December. But who knows? I’m not a statistician, merely a consumer here in Sun Valley, CA and what I see is steadily rising prices. Indeed that higher octane grades (especially at the Shell station) have reached and passed $4 per gallon.

My buddies at GasBuddy aren’t as helpful as in the past. I find that during this search, only a few stations are listed and none includes that includes the ARCO station on Glenoaks which usually has the lowest prices in Sun Valley. Will prices go up yet again? Stay tuned, I’ll let you know.