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Two Thirds of L.A. High School Class Pass Both Parts of Exit Exams

Jose Mier reporting from Sun Valley and our Sun Valley high schools can take pride in the fact that overall almost 70% of L.A. students passed both parts of the state-mandated exit exams. Los Angeles schools revealed the results of the recent school year, state-mandated California High School Exit Exam. Of the students slated to ….  Read More

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Is Sun Valley’s Psychological Health Getting Better?

Jose Mier Shares COVID Reflections After year of shelter in place, and now reopening, are we doing better? I can’t put my finger on it, however after 5 months of quarantine, shelter-at-home and shutdowns a basic despair has actually set it. That’s true for me at least and I believe the exact same is true ….  Read More

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Remember Products in Short Supply?

Jose Mier Looks Back on Last Year’s Shortages From Jose Mier’s concealed location in Sun Valley (aka my house):. In the middle of the interruption of life that is COVID-19, numerous shops are running out of items. The shelves at stores like Grocery Outlet on Glenoaks (link are bereft of those 2 items. The ….  Read More

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Sun Valley Restaurant Recommendations To Make Life More Nutritious

Jose Mier says Exercising and attempting to live a healthy life is inadequate. To experience the complete advantages of a healthy lifestyle, you must learn to incorporate nutrition. Nutrition does not take a great deal of effort or time and following the simple actions in the post below can bring you closer to a health ….  Read More

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