Sun Valley chicken search screenshot by Jose Mier

Best Hot Chicken in Sun Valley, CA

Jose Mier Agrees Jose Mier here with another Sun Valley California recommendation. Whether you live here, are driving through, or visiting from out of town, sun Valley has a lot offer in the way of food and restaurants. As I’ve mentioned many times before the demographics of Sun Valley California are that we are made ….  Read More

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Jose Mier fan in Sun Valley, CA heatwave

Jose Mier and the Sun Valley Heatwave

Jose Mier is hot. That’s not hyperbole. On Sunday here in Sun Valley, CA it was 112 degrees! The record temperatures over the past several days have put a strain on California’s pwer gird.  Last night it almost broke. Almost. The power companies had to bring old (gas powered) generating plants online to handle the ….  Read More

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Jose Mier smoking in Sun Valley, CA

Cancer Has A Weak point And It’s You: Tips For Beating It

Making Sun Valley Cancer Free As a former smoker, Jose Mier knows there can be risks from this behavior. He shares his insight with his Sun Valley neighbors. There are step you can take to decrease the opportunity of getting particular kinds of cancer. Smoke from cigarettes is a carcinogen, and individuals who engage in ….  Read More

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Automobile Transportation Companies Supply Consumers Better Options

Advice for Towing Your Vehicles from Sun Valley Just as there are companies that concentrate on moving the contents of one’s house from point A to point B, throughout town (Jose Mier’s Sun Valley) or across the nation, there are also companies who focus on moving automobile in the exact same way. We have actually ….  Read More

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