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Jose Mier is Not an Accountant

Usually when I help calculate stuff for someone in Sun Valley for the 3rd or 2nd time, they say, “aren’t you in accounting?” While I do enjoy aspects of accounting, which is the approach and measuring element of my work, the occupation as a whole is much better labeled as simply ‘accountancy’.

Accountancy is the occupation and accounting it the approaches by which accountants measure, keep track of and report on monetary info so that resource allocation decisions can be made by, frankly, whoever the makers of decision are.

For a small business owner’s personal financial resources, as an example, I might be determining the finances of a few people (the family), and reporting the essential details to the small business owner. In this scenario, the choice maker is the small company owner and his decisions involve choosing how much money he has to put towards family needs.

Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of accounting. There is financial accounting and there is auditing. Financial accounting usually involves processing of monetary info about a service operation where details is recorded, organized, summarized, interpreted and finally communicated.

Auditing, on the other hand, is there process that an independent auditor takes a look at accounting records and monetary declarations so that she or he can express an expert viewpoint about the financial records and respond to concerns about projections.

At the heart of accountancy lies the requirement to take stock of the day to day state of numerous sales and expenses. In the contemporary world when numerous agreements are partly satisfied at differing times, accounting is the only method to understand where you and your company stand in the greater scheme of things.

If you run your own little organization, you may be able to do simply great with some accounting software application. These can make monthly monetary recording and reporting, attempt I say it, enjoyable.

Access methods and speed are two of the fundamental differences technically between memory and mass storage gadgets. All memory sizes and storage capacities will inevitably be surpassed with advances in technology over time.

What we call cache memory is a unique type of internal memory utilized by numerous central processing systems (CPUs or central processing units) to increase their performance or what we call throughput. Some of the data in the primary memory area is duplicated and appears in the cache memory, which is a bit slower however of much greater capacity than the registers of the processor, and quicker however much smaller than main memory.

Jose Mier computer in Sun Valley accounting
Jose Mier computer in Sun Valley accounting

Semiconductor memory utilizes semiconductor based integrated circuits to keep information. A semiconductor memory chip may include millions of tiny transistors or capacitors. Both unstable and non unpredictable types of semiconductor memory are out there and in use. In modern-day computer systems like our ubiquitous Dells or Macs, primary storage practically solely consists of dynamic unpredictable semiconductor memory or dynamic random access memory. Because the millenium, a kind of non unstable semiconductor memory known as flash memory has gradually gotten share as offline storage for personal computer. Non volatile semiconductor memory is also utilized for secondary storage in numerous innovative electronic devices and specialized computer systems.

Cache memory is an unique type of internal memory used by many main processing units to increase their performance or throughput. Some of the info in the main memory is duplicated in the cache memory, which is somewhat slower but of much greater capability than the processor registers, and faster but much smaller than primary memory. Semiconductor memory uses semiconductor based integrated circuits to store details. In modern-day computers, the primary storage almost specifically consists of what we call dynamic volatile semiconductor memory or in other words dynamic random gain access to memory. Since the turn of the century, a familiar type of non volatile semiconductor memory known to us as as flash memory has steadily acquired share as offline storage for our own home computers.

Jose Mier is no accountant but dabbles in accountancy

Accounting and Accountancy in Sun Valley
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Accounting and Accountancy in Sun Valley
Accounting is something Jose Mier does for fun. Yes, fun. But tools such as computers make accountancy easier than in the old days.
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