Jose Mier on Bing

Yes, Some People Do Use It?

Jose Mier with a question: do you use Bing? Are you a Windows user that gets this search engine installed by default or do you actually search it out and use it? Truth be told, Google is hands down the most popular search engine and Bing comes in second. You can see the popularity broken down here. Google gets over 70% of searches while Bing pulls in 33%.

So why do I bring this up? It’s because every time I look for information on Sun Valley one of the first things that pops up on the Google search engine is the Bing listing about Sun Valley. That got me to thinking, what is the preferred search engine in  Sun Valley? Well it may be Google to start with but if Bing’s listing is at the top of Google search results, Bing is getting some traffic from people who want to find out about Sun Valley.

My question is very unscientific, but I really would like to know. If you’re a resident of Sun Valley, California as well as a reader of this Jose Mier blog I’d like to hear from you. Get in touch with me let me know whether you prefer Google or Bing or perhaps some other search engine. If I get enough responses I’ll post the results here. In the meantime here’s a link to Bing’s Sun Valley information page.