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Jose Mier Seattle skyline on Sun Valley Trip

All Natural Giveaways Are Plentiful in Seattle

Jose Mier Recommends 2 Hour Trip From Sun Valley In our (sort of) post-COVID world it’s important that we break from our routines, many of which have been imposed by government restrictions. For us in Sun Valley, that may mean taking a trip somewhere new. While day trips around Southern California abound, for a real ….  Read More

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Travel nurse with Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA

Jose Mier Takes A Tour into Travel Nursing

Jose Mier with an interesting employment opportunity. And as we in Sun Valley have the Burbank airport in our backyard this may make a lot of sense: As the nursing scarcity has worsened, travel nursing are reported a boom in US. Travel nursing appear to be assisting with the nursing scarcity yet some people reveal ….  Read More

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