Jose Mier’s Favorite Airport

An Overview of Hollywood Burbank Airport

Jose Mier loves Sun Valley for many reasons, one of which is the closeness of our “hometown” airport. Hollywood Burbank Airport is a public airport located in Burbank, California, serving the Greater Los Angeles area. It was previously known as Bob Hope Airport, named after the famous comedian Bob Hope, who lived in nearby Toluca Lake. The airport is a popular choice for travelers seeking a more convenient and hassle-free experience compared to the larger and more congested Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The airport is served by several major airlines, including Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Alaska Airlines, as well as a number of regional carriers. The airport offers non-stop flights to several major cities in the United States, including Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Denver.

The airport has two runways and one terminal building, which features a variety of restaurants, shops, and other amenities for passengers. The terminal building is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers, with easy access to ground transportation and parking facilities.

One of the key advantages of Hollywood Burbank Airport is its location. The airport is situated in the heart of the Greater Los Angeles area, just a short drive from many of the region’s major attractions, including Hollywood, Universal Studios, and Disneyland. This makes it a popular choice for travelers looking to explore the area’s many sights and sounds.

Another advantage of Hollywood Burbank Airport is its size. Unlike LAX, which is one of the busiest airports in the world, Hollywood Burbank Airport is much smaller and less crowded. This means that passengers can often move through the airport more quickly and with less hassle, avoiding the long lines and delays that are common at larger airports.

Despite its smaller size, Hollywood Burbank Airport is still a modern and efficient airport. The airport has invested heavily in upgrading its facilities and technology, including the installation of new security screening equipment, improved parking facilities, and the addition of new restaurants and shops. These upgrades have helped to make the airport more comfortable and convenient for travelers.

In addition to its commercial operations, Hollywood Burbank Airport is also home to several general aviation and corporate aviation facilities. The airport features several private hangars and FBOs (fixed-base operators), which offer a variety of services to private and corporate aircraft owners, including fueling, maintenance, and storage.

Overall, Hollywood Burbank Airport is a popular and convenient choice for travelers seeking an alternative to the larger and more congested LAX. With its modern facilities, convenient location, and focus on customer service, the airport provides a comfortable and hassle-free experience for both commercial and private aviation users.

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Jose Mier’s Favorite Airport
Jose Mier’s Favorite Airport is the ultra-close Hollywood Burbank airport. It borders on Sun Valley so you literally cannot get any closer.
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