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Jose Mier fan in Sun Valley, CA heatwave

Jose Mier and the Sun Valley Heatwave

Jose Mier is hot. That’s not hyperbole. On Sunday here in Sun Valley, CA it was 112 degrees! The record temperatures over the past several days have put a strain on California’s pwer gird.  Last night it almost broke. Almost. The power companies had to bring old (gas powered) generating plants online to handle the ….  Read More

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Sun Valley energy saving tips Jose Mier

Jose Mier’s 8 Energy Saving Tips

Because we utilize too much of everything (especially here in Sun Valley, in the land of instant gratification), our environment is suffering and our resources are diminishing. Did you understand that taking small steps to conserve our environment can likewise help you conserve money? If you follow one or all of the pointers listed below, ….  Read More

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Jose Mier cleans up Sun Valley, CA

With Jose Mier On Sun Valley and America’s Beauty

Tips for Sun Valleyites to Make Our City Better Along with Jose Mier in Sun Valley, each spring, as Americans head for the great outdoors, millions of volunteers rally for the nation’s biggest yearly neighborhood enhancement program. It’s a terrific method to enjoy some fresh air, invest quality time with the family, fulfill brand-new pals ….  Read More

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Printing Sun Valley, CA Jose MIer

Jose Mier Best Brochures with Sun Valley Printing

Supporting Local Businesses Now More Than Ever Jose Mier and company here in Sun Valley express our support for local business. Company business invest thousands– even millions of dollars to launch ruthless marketing methods. While many ad media has actually been introduced, standard propaganda tools are still very much used like brochures, posters and flyers, ….  Read More

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Jose Mier Sun Calley, Ca home

Jose Mier Looks At California Realty – Gratitude on Steroids

Jose Mier reports that for the last five years, owners of California property have actually been hitting the ball out of the gratitude ballpark. Yes, a realty market on steroids. California Population California is heavily populated from north to south along the shoreline, however they state offers substantially different ecologies. In Northern California, one is ….  Read More

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Travel nurse with Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA

Jose Mier Takes A Tour into Travel Nursing

Jose Mier with an interesting employment opportunity. And as we in Sun Valley have the Burbank airport in our backyard this may make a lot of sense: As the nursing scarcity has worsened, travel nursing are reported a boom in US. Travel nursing appear to be assisting with the nursing scarcity yet some people reveal ….  Read More

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