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Taking Out in Sun Valley

Jose Mier on Sun Valley’s Econonmic Slowdown

Hope springs eternal as the saying goes and we could use more hope these days. It’s amazing that in just the course of a few weeks since I launched this site to promote Sun Valley, CA business the entire nation has been virtually shut down. President Trump recently expressed hope the country would “reopen” by Easter. Let’s hope this becomes a reality.

The effects of the “invisible enemy” that is attacking the country are most obvious when you look at the state of the restaurant industry. Public gatherings have been forbidden and this includes dine-in restaurants. This is an effort to limit our exposure to others that might have contracted COVID-19.

This drastic step has meant that our Sun Valley restaurants are among all those nationwide who have been forced to scale back or close entirely. There is one exception, however, and that allows for restaurants to continue to provide take out or delivery.

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Take out from our Sun valley Restaurants

Many restaurants have started to offer free delivery as a way to entice customers to keep ordering and to keep their workers employed. One large restaurant chain, BJ’s which has a location close to Sun Valley is doing just that. On their website they are offering free delivery for orders over 19.95 and have a host of other offers and discounts to entice customers to buy from them.

Smaller, local, Sun Valley eateries may not have the promotional power of a big chain and some don’t have a full-time, in-house staff to update their websites (if they have a site at all). In an effort to keep our Sun Valley establishments going and mitigate the effect this shutdown is having on our economy, I’m asking for all of us to check our restaurants’ websites for updates and offers and place a take-out or delivery order to help keep our community’s workers employed.

Many smaller restaurants (like La Bamba on Glenoaks, Blvd.) offer delivery with Grubhub. Others may use similar services like Postmates or UberEats. Using one of these delivery services also keeps people employed (someone has to be the deliverer, remember).

We need to support our own community so for our country and for Sun Valley, check out your delivery or take-out options and eat up!