Sun Valley CA Zorro Mask for Jose Mier

As Long As We’re Wearing Masks…

Jose Mier’s Lighthearted Look at the Current Face Coverings

It helps to have a sense of humor and that’s something we sorely need here in Sun Valley in the middle of this, our second statewide shutdown. Los Angeles County cities have pretty much universally adopted the mandatory wearing of masks while outside the house so I thought I’d offer some humorous alternatives to what we’re currently forced to wear.

The standard medical type face covering most people are sporting is fine. Yes, it covers the nose and mouth and (we hope) prevents the spread of coronavirus. Great. But who says we have to go for this style? Lots of people throughout history wore masks—some very famous. Take for example Zorro.

Sun Valley CA Zorro Mask for Jose Mier
Jose Mier digs the Zorro mask for any Sun Valley outing

If we’re going to cover our faces who says our eyes can’t be covered as well. Well, almost covered, we do need to see after all. And who is one of the most famous masked characters from literature? Zorro of course. We could take a cue from him and don a make that conceals our identity (while we’re fighting against injustice, of course). While we’re at it, let’s go all the way and wear the Zorro hat as well. There’s no reason we shouldn’t go full Zorro mode is we’ve got the mask. And Zorro wouldn’t be Zorro without the hat.

Three holed balaclava
This three holed balaclava is perfect for Sun Valley CA summertime!

Similarly I ask, why not cover the whole head? Why stop at nose and mouth? If we’re going to mask up let’s do it right? And what better way (as well as the perfect way to look like a terrorist or burglar) than the ski mask—also known as the balaclava. Three holes for moth and eyes make a bold statement anywhere you go and you’re sure to be received well on your next Costco outing. Reminds me of the killer in the original Dirty Harry movie.

Actually, as I think about it that might cause more damage than I thought. Sporting a balaclava in Sun Valley’s often triple digit temperatures is the best way I know to bring on a quick case of heatstroke. Then again, it’s up to you.

I say we’re being to conservative in our mask wearing and if we’re going to do it let’s do it right. Mask up Sun Valley! Swords are optional, of course.

As Long As We’re Wearing Masks…
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As Long As We’re Wearing Masks…
Jose Mier jokes about the types of masks we should be wearing during the coronavirus
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