Bird’s Eye View of Sun Valley

Jose Mier Collects All the Info You Need

You may know most of this instinctively, having lived, like me, in Sun Valley, California for all or most of your life, but there may be a few tidbits of information you don’t know about Sun Valley. That’s what I found the statisticalatlas website so interesting. Just about any demographic or fact you’d want to know about our community is here at your fingertips.

Need to know about our population? Ethnicity or languages? Which industries make their home in Sun Valley? The answers to all those are here and more, including which state and local districts we occupy.

I’m a big fan of interactive maps and the site has one. What I found most striking when looking at this map is that Sun Valley is in the midst of not one but three major freeways: Interstate 5, Interstate 210, in the 170 freeway. This means that within few minutes, from any point in Sun Valley, we can be on one of these freeways and heading off to the destination of our choice. Want to avoid the sometimes heavy traffic on Interstate 5? Take a short drive up La Tuna Canyon and you’ll hit the 210. From there it’s a few minutes drive south to Pasadena. Hop on the 170 take it into to Hollywood or on into downtown Los Angeles.

We’re lucky to have access to a multiplicity of roadways and should one become too congested we know we have alternatives that can get us were want to go.

Even if you’re not interested in our roadways, the statisticalatlas site has a lot of information available that you can take advantage of. As a supporter of Sun Valley and all that it has to offer this post is mostly aimed those who may be considering moving to this area and not residents that are already here. If you fall into that category take a look at statisticalatlas for any Sun Valley information you may need to make your decision. However, I’ve written many other blog posts on Jose Mier Sun which should give you a good idea what life is like in our community and why I think Sun Valley is one of the best places to live in Southern California.

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Bird’s Eye View of Sun Valley
Jose Mier explores the statisticalatlas website for infomation about Sun Valley, CA. The site contains a wealth of information about our community.
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