Jose Mier photo Sun Valley Park

Jose Mier Showcases Sun Valley Park

Another Short Drive With Jose Mier

As you know, Jose Mier’s Sun Valley website tries to promote our own special area of greater Los Angeles. With a portion of our area covering the nearby Verdugo mountains, the opportunity to get close to nature is extremely close. Horse country is only a few minutes from downtown Sun Valley and hiking trails are also similarly close.

We have our share of parks, too, in our fair town but in keeping with the hiking theme I wanted to share one park that’s also part of the foothills: Villa Cabrini Park.

Villa Cabrini Park Sun Valley Photo by Jose Mier
Jose Mier unearths an obscure Sun Valley park

The park is located at the top of Cabrini Drive (just off of Glenoaks, near Woodbury University). From anywhere in Sun Valley it’s only a few minutes’ drive. For me, starting out near Hollywood Way and Glenoaks it was just about a five-minute drive.

What make this park special? It’s actually nestled in the foothills and most of its area slopes up toward the gentle peaks and ridges of the Verdugos. With wide open space (enough for football or soccer) and numerous shade trees it’s a tranquil setting but one that can also allow you a fairly good workout if you want to traverse the park, walking up hill. There is no access to any trails so your walk will be within the confines of the park. For those that want a view of the mountains with your recreation, Villa Cabrini Park fits the bill.

Five minutes from “downtown” Sun Valley

The area was one of those affected by the La Tuna Canyon fire a couple years ago and firefighters battled the flames as they crept along the foothills. The fire was stopped before reaching the park itself or the Cabrini Villas townhouses that this area is home to. In fact, you’ll have to drive through Cabrini Villas to get to this park. Because of that, the park is one of the lesser-known parks in Sun Valley, even for veteran residents like me, but that’s part of the charm.

Looking for mountain views and the opportunity for a good leg workout? Try Villa Cabrini Park.

Jose Mier Showcases Sun Valley Park
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Jose Mier Showcases Sun Valley Park
Jose Mier drives through Sun Valley, CA to Villa Cabrini Park.
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