Jose Mier Promotes Sun Valley Restaurants

Jose Mier here, hunkered down like the rest of you. It seems unbelievable but Mayor Eric Garcetti has said Sun Valley and the rest of greater Los Angeles will not reopen for at least three more months. How we are expected to maintain a living during another ninety days of shutdown is unknown. Additionally, the mayor says we won’t reopen until there’s a cure for the coronavirus.

I have to wonder what this will mean in light of the fact that there is no cure for the flu which affects millions around the world every year. Despite this, will have never shut down everything each time flu season comes around. Indeed, we don’t think anything of flu season. It’s merely something that occurs. Yes, some who contract the flu do die and tens of thousands of people do fall victim to a strain of the flu each year. Again, we take this in stride. It’s part of life, but we don’t shut down.

Three additional months of lockdown will be devastating to a city and state that is already suffering (perhaps worse from the shutdown than from the virus itself). In light of this, we need to do what we can to help maintain our Sun Valley economy the best we can.

sun valley take out sign jose mier
sun valley take out sign jose mier

I’ve written before about supporting our Sun Valley restaurants but I think it’s time once again to encourage people to take out and keep our restaurants in business. To that end I’m listing some of my favorite Sun Valley eating places and suggest you make a point to order some food to go if your finances will permit it. Here’s a short list which I’ll add to in the coming days.

Jose Mier’s Sun Valley Restaurant List #1

Burrito Bomba

 (818) 293-8291

8024 Lankershim Blvd, Sun Valley

Mi Ranchito Veracruz

(818) 287-6911

13363 Saticoy St. Sun Valley


 (818) 400-1844

10903 Sherman Way, Sun Valley

RJM Mexican Grill

 (818) 983-6919

8181 Sunland Blvd, Sun Valley

Chiguacle Sabor Ancestral de Mexico

 (818) 394-9405

8255 Sunland Blvd, Sun Valley

Seventeen Cafe

 (747) 223-2056

7734 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley

Commonwealth Restaurant

(818) 845-2225

222 S Glenoaks Blvd, Sun Valley

Salsa & Beer

 (747) 248-5633

11669 Sherman Way, Sun Valley

786 Degrees

(818) 939-6566

8879 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Sun Valley