Sun Valley Mexican food plate

List #10: Jose Mier’s Sun Valley Restaurant Support

Join Jose Mier For Dinner–At Any Sun Valley Eatery

If you wander the streets of Sun Valley you won’t go for long without running into a Mexican food establishment or its Chinese cousin. In Southern California Mexican restaurants are as common as and in any country you’ll find your share of Chinese restaurants. Indeed, I’ve sampled Chinese cuisine in England, Germany and even Turkey!

Here’s one more list, the third since my seventh list on Jose Mier Sun Valley net–which I thought would be my last. The new shutdown has prompted me to keep promoting ALL of our Sun Valley restaurants to keep our community’s economy humming.

Hungry for dinner? Lunch? Join me as I partake of some of the finest cooking in Los Angeles.

Mexican food plate
With a name like Jose Mier of course I love Sun Valley Mexican food!

Sheo’s Tacos
8345 Glenoaks Blvd, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Taco El Tizonzito
8800 Glenoaks Blvd, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Pupusas Acajutla
8131 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Good Fortune Chinese
8400 Sunland Blvd, Sun Valley, CA 91352

Hong Kong Express
10970 Sherman Way, Burbank, CA 91505

Mei Heang Chinese Fast Food
8063 Vineland Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352

List #10: Jose Mier's Sun Valley Restaurant Support
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List #10: Jose Mier's Sun Valley Restaurant Support
Jose Mier has created another list of Sun Valley, CA restaurants that need your patronage to keep afloat during the current shutdown.
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