Sun Valley Gas Prices Up Again

Highest in Years

Jose Mier driving through Sun Valley, taking note of all the gas stations and gas prices that I see. It’s disheartening because since I started this blog last year all the gas prices I’ve been relatively low—for California. Now they’re creeping up toward $4 a gallon.

As you know I like to consult to see what the best prices are in a certain geographical area but the gauge I use most often simply driving past the Shell station on Hollywood way. This station usually has the highest gas prices in the area so when I see the price of regular gas at the station I know that the other stations in the area are going to have cheaper gas prices.

To tell you the truth I really only use this Shell station if I’m any big hurry and really need to get gas, or if I make use of my Ralph’s discount card to get 10 or 20 cents off per gallon. Even with that discount it’s still easier to find cheaper gas, usually at Costco, so that’s what I do. However, by looking at the Shell station prices–currently it’s $3.55 per gallon—I get a feel for what the prices are that all the other Sun Valley stations.

I don’t know what’s driving up the price of gas. Could it be the fact that the XL Keystone pipeline has been eliminated by our current president? Who knows?

All I know is we live in the highest taxed state in the country and pay more for gas than just about anywhere else in the world, in our gas prices are once again moving upward.