GreatSchools website Roscoe Elementary Sun Valley Jose Mier

Sun Valley Schools Get Good Grades

Jose Mier Sees Room for Improvement

Sun Valley is home to some good schools. I should know, Jose Mier has lived and worked his entire life in Sun Valley and has attended schools from elementary through high school. The overall health of the community includes its children and how they are educated and having good schools and a good educational system is critical to the health of any city.

That’s why today I wanted to profile Roscoe Elementary School here in Sun Valley. It’s located at 10765 Strathern St. There’re many independent websites that rank local schools one of those is which breaks down Roscoe Elementary into several different categories. The good news, something we should be proud about, is that Roscoe Elementary gets an above average ranking compared to other schools in the country.

GreatSchools website Roscoe Elementary Sun Valley Jose Mier
GreatSchools website Roscoe Elementary Sun Valley Jose Mier

However, there is room for improvement with regard to test scores and this is something I see as critical. Test scores for Roscoe Elementary are lower than the national average and this is troubling to me personally. The data given by greatschools, however is probably from the period prior to our coronavirus shutdowns and the move to online learning. I believe that due to our online, or distance learning, student interaction is much less and test scores will be even lower as a result.

I’m a big proponent of opening of schools but I fear that my voice does not carry enough weight that I am outvoted or countermanded by our elected officials who have chosen to shut down the state even more than previously. I just have to wonder what effect this will have on our children long-term. It’s not just the children it’s the future of our community and I always want to keep Sun Valley at the head of the pack. Let’s hope and pray that things get better sooner rather than later, that our children can go back to in person learning and that our schools continue to improve.

Sun Valley Schools Get Good Grades
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Sun Valley Schools Get Good Grades
Jose Mier writes about Sun Valley schools. Roscoe Elementary gets high marks but test scores should be better.
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