Sun Valley image in Water Management Talk

The Future of Water Management in Sun Valley

Long-Term Process Reviewed by Jose Mier

As you know I’ve been posting a lot of articles about water management and conservation in the Sun Valley area. But taking a look at the bigger picture, I happened upon the PDF document which was the result of the talk given by Mark Pestrella some years ago about Southern California water management.

I won’t bore you with all the fine details but a few takeaways from this our that Southern California imports about two thirds of the water that it uses and that there is a gap which is growing between the water that we have in the water that we need.

Sun Valley image in Water Management Talk
Sun Valley image in Water Management Talk

This talk was given several years ago and since then promising steps as have been taken especially in Sun Valley to make sure that we collect rainwater and runoff and use it for beneficial purposes rather than letting it just run into the sea. Sun Valley, as it turns out, is at the forefront of Southern California water conservation efforts, being home to several rainwater collection facilities which include the Tuxford Green Multiuse Project among others.

Jose Mier’s Assessment of Public Works talk mentioning Sun Valley CA

Pestrella’s other salient point was that we need to address this, and it will be a very long term project on the order of decades to perhaps a century. Personally, I think we don’t have that long to address water concerns in the state and that’s steps need to be taken on every level to make use of the limited water we have during are rainy season. The fact that Sun Valley has become the poster child for water conservation and reclamation efforts in greater Los Angeles should be viewed by our residence, and indeed all our neighbors, as a source of pride. Other cities in the San Fernando Valley should take note in Los Angeles County should start planning to undertake projects of the same nature in those cities.

Until then, I guess we just hope and pray for a few more really wet rainy seasons.

The Future of Water Management in Sun Valley
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The Future of Water Management in Sun Valley
Jose Mier reiterates a talk by Asst. Dir. Mark Pestrella of LA County Dept. of Public Works regarding Sun Valley, CA and water management efforts. Water supplies are low and remedies will take decades.
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