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Jose Mier's Sun Valley Mullet

How’s That Quarantine Haircut, Sun Valley?

Jose Mier Inquires About COVID-Induced Hairstyles The longer we endure shutdowns the longer our hair grows. If you didn’t take advantage of the one-month respite and reopening here in California to visit the barber, odds are you’re looking more and more like a refugee from Woodstock circa 1969. For me as a Sun Valley businessperson ….  Read More

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Gavin Newsom orders new hsutdown

Here We Go Again: Sun Valley (and All California) Shut Down

Jose Mier Senses Some Deja Vu Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered many non-critical businesses and services to close their doors again after several weeks of a gradual reopening of the state after the first wave of the coronavirus hit the state. Among those things affected by this new re-closure are gyms and churches. Sun Valleyites can ….  Read More

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