Jose Mier's drive from Sun Valley to Shadow Hills

The Old West is Five Minutes from Sun Valley

Jose Mier Takes a Drive to Shadow Hills

You wouldn’t think it, but there are pockets of history here and there in greater Los Angeles. Yes, we’re inundated with paved roads and strip malls here in the San Fernando Valley, but there are remnants of our not-too-distant past if you’re willing to look for them. One of these is Shadow Hills, an equestrian community of about 4,000 residents and it’s literally a stone’s throw from Sun Valley.

Shadow Hills area of Sunland Blvd.
Jose Mier’s drive from Sun Valley to Shadow Hills

The San Fernando Valley was largely agricultural a hundred years or so ago. There’s little trace left of that era but for Shadow Hills the people that live here have preserved a kind of rural lifestyle that runs counter to the hustle and bustle of most of greater LA. The homes are spaced widely apart from one another and many are built specifically for horse owners. It reminds me of the set of an old Western movie in some areas.

Part of the attraction for me is that Shadow Hills borders Sun Valley. From Glenoaks and Sunland Blvd. it’s less than 5 minutes to get there. I love my Sun Valley, but if I want to change my scenery I can do so easily.  I only have to drive along Sunland Blvd to the north and East and I’m in a different world.

Another Reason Sun Valley Is So Special

In my Jose Mier posts you can see how I try to promote Sun Valley as unique among the cities of the San Fernando Valley. Our proximity to Shadow Hills is just one more aspect of this. The fact that in five minutes—and I am not exaggerating here—I can go from definitely urban with warehouses, strip malls, gas stations and even an airport and be in ranch country is astounding. For Sun Valley residents who desire a break from urban life and want to watch horses grazing or galloping the option to take the drive up Sunland Blvd couldn’t be simpler.

Join Jose Mier for drive from Sun Valley to the Old West

A short drive further and you once again enter the urban landscape of Sunland where I like to grab a cup of coffee. However, if you stay between Glenoaks and the 210 freeway you’ll be transported back in time and can witness a slice of L.A. history that thankfully hasn’t changed that much over the years. From what I can tell, the residents like it that way and will fight to preserve this special way of life for as long as they can. That’s great for me. I can’t afford a horse but if I want to watch them, I’m literally only a few minutes from doing so. After that I can return to the faster paced life that I appreciate about my home town of Sun Valley.