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10966 Ratner St. Construction Jose Mier Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley Takes Care of Homeless Seniors, Vets

Jose Mier Details Ratner St. Apartment Construction If you read my Jose Mier missive a few days back you know that I discussed the plight of the homeless especially in light of the recent extreme heat. It’s a given that homelessness is a problem affecting not only Sun Valley but all of Los Angeles County ….  Read More

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Sun Valley CA apartment plan Jose Mier

Jose Mier In Praise of Sun Valley Apartment Plans

Modern Design To Change Sun Valley’s Face Residents of Sun Valley know that our city has the certain feel to it. Cutting edge is not the way to describe it. Regardless your humble servant Jose Mier is the number one proponent of Sun Valley California whatever Sun Valley looks like period However, the face of ….  Read More

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