Sun Valley Restaurants Poised to Reopen

Nervous Nellies at Health Department Warn of Re-Closures

Sun Valley restaurants have been shut down completely since just before the word from Sacramento is that stay-at-home orders (which no one followed anyway) are being lifted somewhat.

The greatest takeaway from this is that restaurants in Sun Valley (part of Los Angeles Country) will be allowed to reopen for outdoor dining. Never mind the fact that we are in the coldest weather of the year right now. Still, I’m sure people are going to be flocking to restaurants, weather be damned, since we have a real need to be around other people and to go out to eat every so often.

That’s good news (albeit perhaps too little too late) for Sun Valley restaurants. I’m constantly reminded how all-encompassing the shutdown has been each time I drive along Glenoaks Blvd., past the Hill Street Café. I noticed the tent that was set up in the parking lot for outdoor dining has been empty and unused going on three months now. I think of this and other restaurants and all the restaurant workers who have been forced out of the job for those three months. What kind of the economic impact or toll will this shutdown bring?

Regardless, I many others are excited to have the opportunity to dine out once more but of course like all bureaucrats, those in the Department of Health keep warning us that if we don’t tow the line and be careful this reopening will be quickly taken away from us. That is, if we notice a spike in coronavirus cases following this latest reopening, they’re going to take our candy away once more.

This constant closing and reopening in and reopening does not seem like the smartest way to run a state but we are still grateful that for the time being we will be able to take part in some social activities such as going out to eat. Sun Valley has suffered tremendously, let’s hope this is a shot in the arm for our economy.  Let’s also continue to pray for an end to the coronavirus and every opening of indoor dining and all other indoor business activities.