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COVID accine ready for Sun Valley: Jose Mier

New COVID Vaccines May Help Sun Valley Reopen

Jose Mier Looks at Latest from Moderna If you read (or watched) the news recently you heard that Moderna is the second company to announce an effective vaccine against COVID-19. Moderna’s is reported to be 95% effective in treating the virus. This comes a few days after Pfizer announced its own coronavirus vaccine which has ….  Read More

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Jose Mier’s 13th Sun Valley Restaurant Support List

Support Our Community It’s been sometime since Jose Mier Sun Valley Net has published a restaurant support list. That doesn’t mean that our local eateries are not still struggling. They are. I’ve been doing my part as far as possible to support our local establishments but the efforts of one person alone are not going ….  Read More

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Will California Reopen?

Riverside County Leads Charge According to the Desert Sun, Riverside County officials sent a letter to the state asking to be allowed to reopen certain businesses beginning September 8. That would include businesses such as dining restaurants and salons as well as churches.  That would be the first phase of reopening, followed by a second ….  Read More

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Shuttered elementary school classroom in Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley Parents Fretting Over School Shutdowns

Jose Mier Interviews Local Parents “This is ridiculous.” That Is the opinion of George Hernandez, whose daughter Gabrielle is a fourth grader here in Sun Valley California. Hernandez’s opinion shared by many other parents in Sun Valley who decry the city and state’s decision not to reopen schools in the fall. In California it seems ….  Read More

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Stress and anxiety in Sun Valley

Sun Valley’s Psyche During COVID-19

Jose Mier Shares Personal Experience Do you remember the Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth”? As they sing in the song, there’s something happening here. What is it ain’t exactly clear. I can’t put my finger on it, but after five months of quarantine, shelter-at-home and shutdowns a general malaise has set it. That’s ….  Read More

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Jose Mier photo restaurant take out sign Sun Valley CA

Support Our Locally-Owned Sun Valley Restaurants

Jose Mier’s Mom and Pop List Restaurants are once again hurting from our never-ending shutdown but it’s the small, local eateries that suffer more than others. Larger chains can better afford to ride out the downturn. They are better equipped to handle all the changes that this virus is forcing on many–things like plexiglass barriers ….  Read More

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