jose mier's sun valley ca business with closed sign

Waiting For A Sign of Reopening

Jose Mier’s Thoughts on How to Run A State

It’s been over a month since the governor shut things down again here in California. I’ll be honest I haven’t worked out in all that time. My gym remains closed. It’s easier for me to sit in front of my computer and do my work then it is to try to configure some sort of workout. I know I could fill a bucket with water and use it for biceps curls, but honestly I just don’t have the incentive. There something about having a fitness center full of equipment as a goal and destination that gives me the impetus to get in the car and drive there and actually work out.

jose mier's sun valley ca business with closed sign
Jose Mier sees Sun Valley CA businesses all too often with closed signs

Yes, that’s my sad story, but that’s nothing compared to the gyms themselves restaurants, barbershops, nail salons, bars and a host of other businesses that remain shutdown. Before the coronavirus I enjoy playing trivia at a local bar. I’ve lost track of time but I think April was the last time we played and I wonder about the bar itself, its owner, and how they are faring during this shutdown.

There’s a cheeky article on that lists every type of business affected by the state wide and county shutdowns. Actually it’s depressing to read. However it will tell you what’s open and what’s not. For me, and I’m sure Business owners through out Sun Valley, it’s important that we see some light at the end of the tunnel. Coronavirus cases in Los Angeles County have been dropping and/or are remaining fairly low. Perhaps it’s time to start reopening again. I have to wonder out loud if our leaders understand the psychological impact all this is having on our business community and individuals throughout Southern California. Also, what is the economic impact of keeping so many businesses closed for so long?

For me in the food service industry the effect has been devastating and we are hanging on by the skin of our teeth. If it weren’t for the fact my business is very diverse and that I have other income streams we certainly would have been one of those businesses that closed it’s doors for good.

When I started this blog I had the idea that I would be supporting sun Valley California businesses and economy, at the beginning of this year things were going very well and I wanted to attract homebuyers and businesses to our Little but vibrant community. Now it seems like it’s just a matter of hanging on and surviving.

We are a resilient community here in Sun Valley, but it sure would help to see some positive signs either from Sacramento or from downtown Los Angeles, letting us know that things are getting better. We don’t want to be dependent on the government. We want to work in support ourselves And our families. We want to go out to eat, have a beer, get our hair cut, and maybe even go to the gym. We haven’t heard much from Sacramento. Perhaps some updates from the governor each week would be helpful. Silence just adds to our depression.

Waiting For A Sign of Reopening
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Waiting For A Sign of Reopening
Jose Mier, Sun Valley, CA business owner laments the length of California's latest shutdown. Without updates from the City and State governments, the uncertainty is playing havoc on business owners and residents mental health, not to mention their livelyhoods.
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