Will California Reopen?

Riverside County Leads Charge

According to the Desert Sun, Riverside County officials sent a letter to the state asking to be allowed to reopen certain businesses beginning September 8. That would include businesses such as dining restaurants and salons as well as churches.  That would be the first phase of reopening, followed by a second phase for things like wedding receptions. The third phase slated for October would allow gyms to reopen.

Screen shot from Desert Sun on reopning of businesses. Jose Mier looks forward to Sun Valley reopening.

Will have to wait and see what the result of this letter is and whether the state qill allow Riverside County to begin phased reopening. If so what does that portend for Los Angeles County and us here in Sun Valley?

On a personal note my gym was closed from April to June. I was ecstatic when it reopened, but it was only for one month and then closed again. Even if Los Angeles County goes the same route as Riverside County and gyms begin reopening in October the economic hit on these businesses will be devastating. Gyms as well as other businesses will have been closed for more than half the year. How can any business survive when they have no customers or income?

We’re told all the time about Covid-19 infection rates and these are basically meaningless. What matters are the death rates and since March they’ve been dropping to very low percentages. A recent interview with the doctor on FOX News shed some light on it. He agreed that it’s the death rates that we should be looking at, not just an infection rates. He went on to say that we need to put the data in context and our government officials, especially here In California, have never put anything in context. It seems like the governor saw infections rising after partial re-opening in June and immediately shut things down. One has to wonder with all the businesses struggling we’re going out of business how the state of California will remain solvent.

We in Sun Valley and the rest of California have been suffering for the greater part of the year. If we are hit with higher taxes to make up for shortfalls in state revenue it will be like rubbing salt in our wounds.

Let’s wait and see what happens in Riverside County and I hope and pray that they do reopen and that Los Angeles County including Sun Valley is not far behind.


Will California Reopen?
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Will California Reopen?
Jose Mier wonders out loud if California will ever reopen and discusses Riverside County's effort to start phased reopening on Sept. 8.
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